Dragon Skin Regular 2" Ergonomic Duty Belt

Dragon Skin Regular 2" Ergonomic Duty Belt

SKU: BSDS400-37
  • $89.18

Duty Belt, 1 1/2" inner and 2' outer, size 32.

Ergonomic: Refers to the ability of something that provides comfortable operation for the human body structure.

This DUTY BELT unit is just that. The inner belt expands and contracts with the outer belt.

All of the components have to work together, the inner webbing with inner velcro along with outer velcro and outer webbing. All of those components will stretch together with every body movement ie: sitting, bending over, or twisting from side to side.

The expanding material used to obtain these features is man-made and as a result of testing showed they did not change after over 250,000 times of stretch action, unlike elastic that will breakdown over a short period, because it is not man-made.

We have also included a much Smaller polymer foot print for the gun holster that can be flipped from one side to another to accommodate the user.