MDC Supports JIBC Award

MD Charlton Co Ltd is proud to have established the MDC Law Enforcement Education Award to provide support to a student enrolled in the full-time program usually delivered on-campus of the Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies (BLES) program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

JIBC promotes awards to students in a number of ways and also raises awareness about JIBC’s award program in general. Here are some of the main ways:

    • Awards are listed on JIBC's website in the Financial Aid and Awards section. Each award has a separate page with details including the award name, description, amount, criteria, deadline and application details.
    • Upcoming deadlines and awards are promoted on JIBC's social media channels, in particular Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    • Award announcement on JIBC's website.
    • Working with programs to promote specific awards directly to students.

Alec Rossa, president of MDC, had this to say about the award, "To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are investing in the next generation of first responders. This year, it is especially important to make sure that our first responders feel supported and that our recruits are able to pursue their dreams. We are proud to partner with the JIBC to make this award available to their Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies program."

More Information about the award can be found on the JIBC website or click here.

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