Listen Only Clear Acoustic Coiled Tube Earpiece

  • $44.79

Situational awareness is critical for police in a dangerous encounter. An earpiece allows officers to hear communications clearly and prevent bad guys from hearing what could turn the situation against them. Crystal clear sound is directed to your ear only so that you can hear it, but the bad guys can’t.

The Fox Listen Only Earpiece is concealable, lightweight and comes complete with our patented Fin Ultra™ ear tip for all day comfort and enhanced acoustical engineering for a higher level of situational awareness. Available as 2.5mm, and 3.5mm connector.


  • Privately listen to your radio and still hear your surrounding environment.
  • Acoustic tube is attached to a high quality speaker that connects discreetly below your shirt collar.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Fin Ultra™ ear tips are softer than ever and the open skeleton design allows for more ambient sound to travel through the earpiece.
  • Added Value – Kit also includes the patented Torpedo Earbud.