QuiqLite Pro Flashlight, White/Red LED

Vendor: QuiqLite Inc
  • $35.19

QuiqLitePro Tactical Red/White L.E.D. configuration is designed for tactical light applications without having to hold a flashlight in your hands. The first push of the On/Off button activates the red L.E.D. at 10 lumens to help preserve your night vision and keep your position concealed.

Pro is also equipped with a 10 lumen white L.E.D. used for normal reading and writing when the amount of light output is not a concern. Pro is equipped with a 10 minute auto-off battery-saving timer and continual Safety Strobe for situations when you need to be seen. Pro now includes the New "QuiqFlare" personal safety flare attachment!

  • 3 modes
  • Super-Bright Dual LEDs
  • 10 lumens
  • Anti-glare visor
  • Independent LED activation
  • 10 minute auto-off timer
  • 160 degree adjustable LED light arm
  • 360 Degree removeable magnetic QuiqClip
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Safety Strobe
  • QuiqFlare attachment!
  • 1st push activates single Red L.E.D. (10 minute auto-off timer).
  • 2nd push within 2 seconds of 1st push turns off the red LED and turns on white L.E.D. (10 minute auto-off timer).
  • 3rd push turns all L.E.D.s off.
  • If 2nd push is delayed past 2 seconds of 1st push, QuiqLiteX will auto shift into
  • Tactical Mode turning off the Red LED without activating the White LED.
  • Press & hold main power button down for 2 seconds to activate Safety Strobe (no auto-off timer).
  • Press button again to turn off strobe.

White LED: 10 Lumens/40 hours
Red LED: 10 Lumens/40 hours
Strobe: 10 lumens/40 hours
Length: 3 inches
Width: 0.90 inches
Weight w/batteries & Clip: 1.0 oz.
Batteries: (2) QuiqLiteX lithium CR2032 (included)
Housing: Nylon